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Some races have limbs that have related skills. They are reputation-based, however; one gets to train 5% of the related limb skill at race guild level 5, the rest come from use. The reputation gains by killing monsies in that race, and being present when the monster dies. Partying gathers reputation at half rate (quite similar to spawn reputation gathering, for those of you who are familiar with it).

And no, the skills will NOT be available at lower race guild levels. And yes, that means that you rebirthers will need to give some serious thought on what you want to do.

The formula is again logarithmic, and the theoretical maximum for the limb is +10 hit +10 dam.

How, and when, and what happens at higher skill levels in relation to other things is up to you to figure out.

The above information is from a post on inform by Ulath on 05/07/2008.

Races that have limbs and corresponding skills include: