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General description:
Location on Desolathya:
(whereami: 243x, 51y)
Northern part, in the end of the road, in middle of Dunamor and Midnight Carnival.
Coder: (missing coder)
Size (in rooms):
Map of the area:

NPCs at the area:

Name Exp Race Alignment Aggro
A Stone Guardian stands here rigidly 7.5k - 14k golem
A doctor of dentistry lurks here ~20k human
A member of the Cannon Fodder Crew 160 - 1.4k
A shifty-eyed man is here 36k human
Captain D'Erasay stands here gallantly 30k - 36k human
Ethin Relindir, Highrider's Lieutenant, stands here proudly 23k
Jack the Bartender looks bored 7k
Johan, Reeve of Hamden n
John Wrisly is at the Crossroads 44k human
Lord Highrider stands here plotting 356k
Melanie is staring into space 3.7k human
The Cold Queen 55 - 75k
The Highlander Chief 28k human
The Minister of Health 30k neutral
The Minister of Information 25k neutral
The Minister of Justice 28k - 35k
The Minister of Roads and Roadbuilding 20k human neutral
The Minister of Silly Walks 20k neutral
The Minister of the Exchequer 31k human neutral
The earth elemental 72k elemental
This bureaucrat is filling out paperwork here. 1.1k - 5.9k human neutral
Ulmat-Sumtra, the Wendigo Warrior 88k human
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