A Weeping Blade

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Skaven weaponry is often wicked, and this sword is no exception. Darker than the deepest night, it is gruesome to behold. The hilt is covered with black leather straps, the finger guard is dark stained steel and the blade itself is pitch black. The grim edge of the blade is somehow coated, dripping with acidic substance able to burn through most materials. Wielding and controlling the blade's morbid thirst of consuming takes skill and willpower.
It contains a tale;
The weeping blades are wicked weapons favored by the skaven assassin clans. This particular sword is not unusually exquisite for such a blade. It is actually a perfect example of a common weeping blade. It is one of the many the assassin adept possessed. This one was special to him however, as he acquired it from his predecessor: the previous adept he slayed in his gutter runner finals. With skill and ruthless cunning he was able to alter the rules of the centuries old assassin ritual. The Nightlord was pleased to see such calculating and manipulative wit, and permitted the young assassin to live. In no time, he rose to the position of the Adept and started training new killing machines for Clan Eshin. He kept this sword as a fond memorabilia of his early triumph.
Weapon type: Broadsword
Stats: +3 Dam, +Acid damage
It looks A bit heavy (3,8 kg)
Sacvalue: Missing sacvalue
It is called weeping blade and identified as 'a weeping blade', 'blade', 'sword', 'a blade', 'a sword', 'wicked blade', 'wicked sword', 'weepingblade', 'grim blade' and 'broadsword'.
Made of 5% ebony, 55% steel, 40% starmetal
Size: somewhat small
Quality: sterling
From: Assassin Adept, Astacia
Compares between: Henry shortblade and Spider sabre
Other info: From identify: "The blade weeps acidic substance damaging anything hit by it. The wicked poisons increase the wielder's damage potential moderately."