Blade of Frozen Tears

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Ice cold, this blade is forged from frozen tears. Powerful enchantments bind together the thousand tears that have been shed in vain battles and needless deaths during a millennium full of sorrow. The sword has a silvery hilt and pommel, and the transparent blade is as sharp as it is cold. Blood freezes in veins from a mere sight of this beautiful, yet disheartening manifestation of woe. More hapless is the victim of the blade still, for it not only freezes the flesh - also the soul is covered in frost.
It contains a tale;
Many ages ago, there was a powerful sorceress - pure at heart and kind in thought. She travelled across the land in search of goodness and ways to end the wars that ravaged the lands of the humans, the elves, the orcs and all other races. During her journeys she became to see the vanity of all mortal life: endless lust for power and envy towards the prosperity of the others. Power mongering warlords, heartless tyrants, they all left behind a trail of tears shed by crestfallen women whose men had been slaughtered, and orphan children whose families and villages were laid waste. For a long time she tried to avoid using violence against violence, but after she had seen a millennium full of wars and sorrow, she gathered the tears of the innocent and forged a frozen blade of icy tears that she sent to avenge the death of those who could not protect themselves in their lives. Many heroes and warriors have wielded this blade since - but it is always up to its current master whether the blade brings peace and safety, or yet another trail of tears.
Weapon type: broadsword
Stats: At least these different versions have been seen:
  • +7 wis
  • ~3 spr (pending confirmation)
  • ~slightly avoid (probably around 3-4 considering the id results and sacvalue)
  • +3% dodge
It looks A bit heavy (2.3 kg)
Sacvalue: 2031300 (+sli avoid version, with 61% mastery identify), 1.82m (+7 wis version)
It is called Tragedienne and identified as 'tragedienne', 'blade of tears', 'blade', 'frozen tears', 'sword' and 'broadsword'.
Made of ice
Size: somewhat small
Quality: sterling
From: Az'anzyl, nightmare section of Buckthorn Valley
Compares between: New Oogga mace and Sable axe
Other info: Compares equal to these weapons: Bane Axe, AOH maul, Az'anzyl greatsword, Zhentorian Death Glaive, Mauler and Henry shortsword.