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Also known as Fairy Forest
General description: Fairy-tale themed area, mostly targetted towards high-end players. Somewhat similar in style to Valley of the Kings area, contains several related sub-areas. Home to LQ82: assassinate the fairy queen.
Location on Laenor:
(whereami: 343x, 88y)
On Jeskko's map
Northwest Laenor
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Size (in rooms):
Map of the area: Note: incomplete
         FFFF  FFFFFF                      
   FFFF FF..F FFffffFF   FFFFFFFFF         
   F..FFF.FFF FfFFFFfF   F~&fFfffFF        
   FFF..F.F   ?FFFFFfF   FFFFfFFFf?        
     FFF.FF    FFfffFF      FfFFFFF        
       FF.F    FfFFFF       FFfFFF         
        F.FFFF FfF     FFF   FF&.FFF       
        FF..&FFF&F     ?.FF FF.FF..FF      
         FFFF.FfFF     FF.F F.FFFFF.FF     
          FFFF.FFFFF    F.F F.F   FF.FF    
         FF.FF.FF&.FFF  FfFFF.F    FF.F    
      FFFFfF&....FF..FFFFFfffFF FFFFF.F    
     F&FFFF         FFFffFF     ?FFfF&F    
     FF.FF     FFF    FFFF      FFFF.FF    
      FF.F    FFf?              F&..FF     
      FF&F    FfFF           FFFF.FFFF     
      F.FF    FfFFF          Frrr=rrrr     
      F.FF   FFF..?          rrFF.FFFr     
      FF.FFFFF.&FFF             Fy.FF      
      F&F.&.F.FFF     FFFF      FFF&FF     
     FF.FFFF.FF      FF&.FF       FF.F     
     FfFF  F&FF    FFF.FFfFFF FFFFFF.F     
     FfF   FFfFFF FF..FFFF&fFFF..FF.^^     
     F?F    FF..FFF.FFfF?FFFf&fFF..^^      
               FFFFF FFf&&F                
Other information: Various characters from mostly western traditional fairy-tales can be found in this area, though they are represented in slightly disenchanted context, in true "Brothers Grimm meet the 21st century"-style.

NPCs at the area:

Name Exp Race Alignment Aggro
A beautiful yellow sunflower
A black demon, some smoke rising from its body 132k
A breathtakingly beautiful sylph enchantress 253k - 342k
A fearsome demon soldier 80k - 104k demon
A fire elemental, the embodiment of inferno 1033k
A fluffy and happy owlbear 42k
A gaunt figure in black robes, a necromancer 130k - 162k
A glorious fairy guard on patrol
A gnomish inventor with glazed eyes 79k
A gorgeous looking prince called Charming 140k
A green and furry bridge troll 158k - 186k troll
A humanoid shape formed out of glowing golden runes 124k
A malformed duergar, priest of Azathoth, clad in red and green evil
A man in green, Johnny Dover, the leprechaun king leprechaun neutral
A master channeller, standing tall and proud 149261
A paladin's ghost, standing in attention (undead) 104k
A sad giant in a fisherman's outfit 80k - 81k Giant neutral
A screaming zombie-like fairy with a pained expression 51k
A short and stocky witch 348k evil
A small black and blue demon with huge cranium 268k - 339k
A small homonculus, standing guard 45k
A stocky humanoid made of earth 123k
A strong looking huge clockwork insect 279k Golem
A tall and gaunt demon
A tall orcish warlock 274k - 394k orc
A transparent humanoid form 83k
A young and powerful witch, possessing Rapunzel 245k human evil
An acrobatic leprechaun doing backflips and somersaults 30k
An angelic fairy, avenger of the faerie realm 411k fairy
An angelic fairy, protector of the faerie realm 471k
An enslaved fairy maiden with a blank stare 47k
Aniengo the colourful and happy fairy dragon 547k dragon no
Aracne the half-spider master weaver
Fiona the brownie nun (very sad) brownie good
Hazelfire the demon lieutenant 1111k - 1429k
Little Red Ridinghood, hopping happily 16k neutral
Regnar, a strong looking warrior
The fairy queen in stunning black and green evening dress (dancing) 887k - 1233k
Wiespe the lecherous vampire (undead) 954k - 999k
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