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The list of deities of BatMUD

Primordial Gods and Primordial Goddesses

Matter: Beldarus, the Hammer of Worlds (loosely related to Castle Bigeaul)
Nature: Loraen, Goddess of the Earth

High Gods and High Goddesses

Good: Aveallis, Lord of Light (see also: Information about good religious background and list of good religious guilds)
Neutrality: Lumine, Mistress of Twilight (loosely related to the Gauntlet event)
Evil: Draen-Dalar, Overlord of Darkness (see also: Information about evil religious background and list of evil religious guilds. Also loosely related to killing Sister Valentina.)

Gods and Goddesses

Magic: Aeo, the Flow of Magic (see also: 'help magic', 'help spell', information about magical background and list of magical guilds). Magical, or 'mana' as it is often nicknamed is also one of the ten damage types in the game.
Healing: Tarmalen, God of True Healing (see also: 'help healing' and information about the Tarmalen guild)
Weather: Laesa, Goddess of the Elements
Draining: Sa'hr, Goddess of Blood (see also: Tall, aristocratic devil of Sah'r)
Undead: Oxtoth, God of Decay (see also: 'help undeads' and list of undead NPCs)
Horror: Azathoth, the unspoken one

Second Generation of Gods and Goddesses

Reincarnation: Ahm, the Ever-changing, the Unstable (see also: 'help reincarnation process', 'help reincarnation', help recreate and the Reincarnation article)
Resurrection: Kauwenda, the Goddess Beyond the Veil
Balance: Esachen, Protector of Stability (see also: A high priestess of Esachen, protector of stability)
Manipulation: Heliana the Capricious, Misleading Goddess
Self Modification: Galean, the Selfish
Murder: Curath, the Designer of Deception (see also: Shelaste Shadowwalker who used to be known as Curath before)

Demi Gods

Justice: Las, the Anvil of Good (see also: Sisters of Las)
Inns and taverns: Hemet, the Drunken God (see also: Hemet Bless'Ya, keeper of the pub in Shadowkeep)
War: Faerwon, God of Holy War (see also: The Templars of Faerwon)
Trade: Cipro, the God of Merchants (see also: The Master Merchants)
Harming: Burglefloogah, God of Reptiles (see also: Evil Priests)
Undead: Nitocris, Ghoul Queen of the dead (rumors have that a unique weapon previously owned by Nitocris itself exists in the game)

Chaos Powers (greater)

Chaos: Azzarakk the Devourer (see also: The Disciples of Chaos)

Chaos Powers (immediate)

Poisons: Aelena the Slayer, Queen of Poisons (see also: Followers of the Scorpion)
Blood: Kharim the Thirsty, God of Blood (see also: Legions of the Blood God and Kharim guild area)
Rot and Disease: Nergal the Infested, Lord of the rot (Nergal guild is not open yet)
Beasts and rage: Tzarakk the Hunter, Master of the Beasts (see also: Slaves of the Beastmaster)

Immortal Champions

Weapons: Sparchak, Hero of Atie, Weaponsmaster
Defensive: Grundor The Bulwark of Lorenchia
Evasive: Sashita, Heroine of the Oppressed
Music: Noitulove, the Forger of Songs (see also: Noituloves dischord and Noituloves deathlore)