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Nuns use special holy relics to cast certain special spells. A relic is often a cross or rosary or other blessed or holy item, but most rare ones can be anything from a book to an orb. Relics have various powers bound into them, but they are roughly divided in three categories: holy, exorcise and protection. The power of the relic affects either little or much, depending on how difficult and powerful the spell is.

Newbie nuns may receive top three relics per boot as a gift from Las. See 'nun guidance' for more information.

Notice that relics are not restricted to nuns use only, everyone can utilize their generic stats, however all relics require good alignment. Also note that you can only wear/wield one relic at time.

See also: List of relics

Relic comparison by saint power

Note: Relics marked with more than one adjective are not verified with 100% identify relic, thus their real value might be a little off. The ones with only one adjective are fully correct since identify relic at 100% always gives the same absolute result.

If you possess a relic that is either missing from the list or has vague stats marked, please feel free to submit the results here or have a nun to identify them. Remember that 100% identify relic is needed!

The order of the adjectives should be something like this: Divine > celestial > superior > awesome > great > strong > slight > minor > weak > faint > non-existent. Adjectives between great and faint need verifying though.

Relic Dispel power Holy power Protective power
Celestial crosier of Las (holy) Divine Divine Superior
Delicate rosary made from finest cloth (holy) Celestial Celestial Celestial
Silently humming Cross of Clouds (holy) Celestial Superior Superior
Freezing cross carved from enchanted Ice (holy) Superior Superior Superior
A beautiful rosary enfolded with white mist (holy) Superior Great Divine
Silvery crucifix, overlaid with white cloth (holy) Superior? Superior? Superior? (rumour has that the stats change according to wearers purity)
Legendary Cross of Winds (holy) Strong Superior Celestial
Silently humming cross made from gold (holy) Superior Great Awesome
Solid gold ring (holy) Superior/awesome Strong/strong Great/great
A vial containing the tears of Oxtoth (holy) (unknown sac version) Awesome Awesome Great
A vial containing the tears of Oxtoth (holy) (2.17m sac version) Awesome/great Awesome/awesome Great/strong
A vial containing the tears of Oxtoth (holy) (1.58m sac version) Awesome/great Awesome/awesome Great/great
A vial containing the tears of Oxtoth (holy) (1.44m sac version, probably same as 1.58 mil) Awesome Awesome Great
Beautiful rosary called 'Cubido' (holy) Awesome Strong Great
The flail of salvation (holy) Awesome Great Weak
A shining white ivory full shield, embedded with black pearls (holy) Awesome Slight Slight
Cross of Viuzey (holy) Strong Slight Slight
Blessed rosary of 'Heart' (holy) Slight Weak Great
A heavy old crucifix (holy) Weak Strong Minor
A tasteless crucifix (holy) Weak/weak/weak Weak/weak/weak Slight/slight/slight
Enchanting looking cross made from Glass (holy) Weak/weak Faint/faint Slight/slight
a fat ruler (holy) Minor Minor Minor
A small crumbled cross (holy) Weak Minor Slight
A [material] cross of Kofgaad (holy) Slight Slight/faint Weak/minor
An oak cross (holy) Faint Faint Non-existent
A shappy [material] cross (holy) (aka. "newbie cross") Faint Non-existent Non-existent


In addition to relics acquired by slaying monsters or digging, sister Invild crafts crucifixes for nuns at the convent. These relics require an amount of wood and gems to be given to sister Ingvild to begin crafting and once crafted they need to be sanctified to a saint by performing a restoration of the given saint. Currently one nun may acquire only one crucifix.

The crucifixes are relics that are wearable only by the nun they were originally given and their power increases as they are used. They may be given to another person for 'identify' (not 'identify relic') for example, but may only be worn by the original owner.

The aura of the crucifix (can be seen by looking at the crucifix) represents the power of the relic.

Benefits of the crucifixes

The relics give minor +stat (a crucifix that has been used to cast 'holy'-spells gives +2 int without namebonus).

If the saint of the crucifix (see above) matches with the current patron saint of the nuns, the crucifix will give increased +stat (a crucifix that has been used to cast 'holy'-spells seems to give additional +5 int).

It is also possible to achieve a special effect when casting an offensive spell with a crucifix: (Insert here)

The order of the crucifix auras is as follows: unremarkable,slight,shimmering,twinkling,glimmering and shiny. The strength of the saints of the crucifix increase with the increase of the aura. (Insert additional info later).