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  1. A BatMUD moose
  2. A Camberian regards you suspiciously
  3. A Crazed Chicken is wandering around aimlessly
  4. A HUGE slimy lizardlike fiend growls and attacks you!
  5. A Plump Pig is lounging in the mud
  6. A bald eagle
  7. A big lump of mud with gleaming eyes
  8. A big shiny box for storing minerals (0/20)
  9. A black Harazam mage is here doing paper work
  10. A black Harazam mage is here doing some experiments with the soulstone
  11. A black Harazam mage is here studying some old scrolls
  12. A black Harazam mage is here trying to figure out the gateway
  13. A black candy wrapper
  14. A black fox hides on the bushes
  15. A black tower guard
  16. A bloated shape of a spider with many burning, red eyes
  17. A blood angel's cutlass
  18. A blood angel's great axe
  19. A blood angel's sabre
  20. A boy, riding on the back of a huge turtle
  21. A breeding urvile female is rustling around in the darkness
  22. A burning amulet
  23. A castle guard is shaking visibly here
  24. A cheerful robin, singing a song
  25. A chicken runs around here pecking at the ground
  26. A child stands here in glee
  27. A comical figure in all-khaki clothing
  28. A crazed master urvile frantically defends Lord Foul
  29. A crude spiked battle mace
  30. A cruel spear, the light's demise
  31. A crystal circle, shedding eerie red light
  32. A crystite sphere
  33. A cute little bunny rabbit hops around here
  34. A cute little lamb gnaws on some hay
  35. A cute little sheep hops around here
  36. A demon is trying to break the door
  37. A depressed looking satyr strolling back and forth
  38. A dreamcatcher staff
  39. A drop-dead woman
  40. A dull ring
  41. A dwarf guard standing guard
  42. A dwarven warrior is stomping through
  43. A fair-sized emerald disc
  44. A fairly large emerald disc
  45. A fashionable blue silk belt
  46. A fearsome harpy
  47. A ferocious griffon is hunting
  48. A fine looking pitch black scimitar
  49. A fish with no eyes swims quietly here
  50. A fluffy bunny hops around

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