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Rank is something that needs work, some even lot of work and couple ones are simply out of reach forever for most. Ranks are shown in long who requests, but some ranks are also shown in finger.

Rank list
Rank related Requirement
race Lich race leader
64-bit exp Player with over 2147483648 exp.
Abjurer guild Leader in abjurer standing in mage guild
Acid guild Most essence in Manipulators of Corrosion.
Agile race Brownie race leader
Alpha race Centaur race leader
Ancient exp Rebirth 2
Arch Mage guild Leader of Brotherhood of Sorcery.
Archmortal exp Most exp in the game
Artisan guild Material leader within Merchant guild
Assassin quest Has completed assassin LQ
Barb Chief guild Barbarian leader
Barb Elder guild Barbarian elder, 100k+ rep
BigOneEye race Cyclops race leader
Bloodsuckr race Leech race leader
Captain guild Captain of The Crimson Brigade (2nd most rep)
Chaoschild guild Lords of Chaos plaque member
Chieftain race Cromagnon race leader
Colossus race Giant race leader
Counselor guild Member of Psionic High Council
Craftsman guild Material Type leader within Merchant guild
Crusher race Dwarf race leader
Da Snout race Kobold race leader
Darkness race Shadow race leader
Dracula race Vampire race leader
Elder exp Rebirth 1
Elder Nun guild Talented nuns of holy lore are known as Elders.
Elder Sign guild For killing Cthulhu in Halloween 2011...
Emperor quest Conquest the known world (male)
Empress quest Conquest the known world (female)
Empowerer guild Male rank of guild leader of The Guild of Channellers
Empoweress guild Female rank of guild leader of The Guild of Channellers
Eternal exp Rebirth 3
Excelsior guild Completed all 4 knight paths
Explorer explore Explore count at least 80%
Farseeker explore Most explore in the game
Flame guild Most essence in Brethren of the Flaming Sigil.
Fluffy race Moomin race leader
Fodder event Last winner of Minesweeper event
General guild General of The Crimson Brigade (most rep)
GnarledOne race Ent race leader
Grand Wyrm race Draconian race leader
Guardian race Gargoyle race leader
Healer guild Leader of The Followers of Tarmalen
Hierophant guild Leader of The Humble Druids
High Elf race Leader of Elves
HolyMother guild Leader of Sisters of Las
Hunter event Most points completed for Dr. Livingstone
Ice guild Most essence in Assembly of the Blizzard.
Ironess race Tinmen female race leader
Ironman race Tinmen male race leader
Just guild Leader of Just of The Templars of Faerwon
Kepucon event Kepucon organizer
Killer event Last winner of Blood Bath
Lady race Female rank of Human race leader
Lady Chaos guild Female leader of Lords of Chaos
Le Chef event Last winner of Hot Potato
Liberator guild Guild leader of The Order of Ghost Liberator Paladins
Lieutenant guild Lieutenant of The Crimson Brigade
Literatus guild Guild leader of The Faculte of Runemagi
Lord race Male Human race leader
Lord Chaos guild Male leader of Lords of Chaos
Loremaster guild Loremaster of The Bards' guild
Lupus race Wolfman race leader
Magic guild Most essence in Summoners of Astral Power.
Matriarch race Female Drow race leader
Mazemaster race Minotaur race leader
Mentor hands Newbie helper
Merchant quest Has completed merchant belt quest
Mermaid race Female Merfolk race leader
Mindbender guild Leader of The Psionicists
Mixmaster guild Male rank for those that have completed potion research in Guild of Alchemy
Neptune race Male Merfolk race leader
Nightmare guild Leader of Slaves of the Beastmaster
Octopus guild Disciple guild leader
Old Stump guild Treenav most reputation
Patriarch race Male Drow race leader
Praised race Person who completed valley of the kings quest last
Quacky race Duck race leader
RangerLady guild Female leader of Rangers
RangerLord guild Male leader of Rangers
Ravager race Gnoll race leader
Reaver guild Has reached layer 4 in The Cult of Reavers
Remembered quest Completed Valley of the Kings quest
Riftwalker guild Has all 4 entities at lvl 100 in The Guild of Riftwalkers
Rival race He is one of the top Rivals of the Arena.
Rotten race Zombie race leader
Scaled One race Lizardman race leader
Seeker quest Completed 50 permanent (not guild) quests.
Sensei guild Maxed all special skills and max guild levels.
Shepherd achievement Most animals shepherded simultaneously (see spell singing shepherd)
Shipwright quest Completed shipbuilding quests, current skill at least 95%.
Silverback race Barsoomian race leader
Skeletor race Skeleton race leader
Slayer guild Top Player Killer
Slick guild Second in command of The Order of the Shadow Sabres
Smooth guild Leader of The Order of the Shadow Sabres
Spy guild Completed LQ78 -- Spy quest
Strider race Catfolk race leader
Suave guild 3rd in command of The Order of the Shadow Sabres
Suppressor race Duergar race leader
Synod guild Members of holy council known as Synod lead sisters of Las.
Tactician event A partyleader during victory of Exomorphs
Tester immortal Immortal test character
Thain race Hobbit race leader
The Brute race Ogre race leader
The Rock race Troll race leader
Telepath event Last winner of guessing game event.
Thief quest Has completed thief quest
Tinkerbell race Sprite race leader
Tinkerer race Gnome race leader
Trickster race Leprechaun leader
Unraveler race The quest plaque leader
Valiant guild Templar valiant leader
Vanquisher guild Kerbholz quest completion
Venom guild Most essence in Venomous Convocation.
Vial Wench guild Female rank for those that have completed alch potion research.
Virtuoso race Satyr race leader
Void guild Most essence in Devourers of Air.
Warlord race Orc race leader
Wise guild Templar wise leader
Zeus race Titan race leader
missing guild Most essence in Wielders of Lightning.
^o^ 25 ^o^ special 25th Anniversary auction