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List of Table item items

Name Stats Other
+dex backpack that improves MIP ratio
+int/+mastery of channelling held item
A HUGE sturdy pack for storing potions Stores a maximum of 50 generic alchemist potions.
A big shiny box for storing minerals (0/20) +store 20 pieces of minerals
A black candy wrapper +suicide Soldiers of fate never surrender!
A black gem Allows access to 9th Plane of Hell.
A book of eternal youth (new)
A crystal circle, shedding eerie red light
A dull white circular weenite gem Improves damage done by spells of one type.
A fair-sized emerald disc
A fairly large emerald disc
A glass jar with a part of brain in it +2 int, +2 wis int/wis implant, lasts until reinc. Applied by a merchant. With the jar in inventory and wielding a saw, use plastic surgery at [name of patient], being untrained in anesthesiology, some crude method may be necessary to get the patient to hold still while you saw open his skull.
A gold necklace
A granite well filled with steaming lava
A hand rolled joint makes your character "high" You can 'light joint', 'puff joint' and 'pass joint to x'.
A huge emerald disc
A new orb made of some smooth white material +exp
A pink quill pen none
A potion of restore dexterity restores (part of) users dex lost in rais/ress/nb fumbles/prays Not chestable.
A potion of restore intelligence restores intelligence lost in fumbled rais/ress/body Used to be chestable.
A potion of restore strength restores (part of) users str lost in rais/ress/nb fumbles/prays Not chestable.
A scroll of item marking
A set of broken pieces from the staff of the Arch Mage
A shimmering multicoloured crystal gem
A shiny dark-green oval shaped amethyst
A silk belt with glowing buckle +3 Dam, +5 Hit, +4% Slash, +8% Radiant slash, + Sheds light
A silvery-white round pearl It will increase power of the mage staff.
A small and almost colourless zircon gem
A small emerald disc
A small glass globe with miniature forest inside It can be shaken to create an illusionary forest, works indoors so makes you able to create fire or camp like in outdoors.
A small jewelers box
A small jug (full) A self-refilling water source.
A small quartz prism
A small remote control 'chest-o-matic' An autoloading chest opening toy as described in the longdesc. Also, won't do item damage to the chests, ie. they're indestructible. Unique item, sold by Zin to Nuane for 6.8m in cash.
A small wooden penny none
> read penny
It says 'Athletic minds think alike.'
A spellbook (awareness)
A spellbook (protection from aging)
A tiny emerald disc
A very small emerald disc
An abstract painting +special Can be hanged in castleroom where it should save. It can also be unhanged. Admiring painting presumably gives +luck.

While on the wall, the description is: An abstract painting hangs on the wall

An ancient tome with golden covers
An aquamarine compass Points to a NPC ship with the compass command. The amount of gems in the compass gives a hint about the ship's class.
Bag of holding
Black cat figurine of healing +invoke major party heal 3x/day and heal all 1x/day. Heal all invoke only works if you're a (full?) tarmalen. ("Only powerful healers may use the heal all power.")
Black leather bridle Helps leading mounts or so? (need more detailed info)
Black zhentorium key Allows access to Xzui.
Bloody black belt with gray stripes 8 wis, 1 int
Blue sapphire +10 int boost for 24h/once One use only
Cosmic orb of diversity +6 wis
Dull grey helmet
Fur-covered tome with GROO written on it
Glass globe of a snowfall scene
Golden jeweled dagger
Green emerald +10 wis boost for 24h/once One use only.
Horseshoe-shaped white object with gems
Large golden tome "It will block the strongest [random damage type]-damage spell for five minutes."
Large red book with leather covers Enchants a player-made weapon. One use only.
Large tome with green covers
Multicolored crystal Store sps
Nasty-looking adamantium waraxe +alcohol tolerance
Orb of earth and stone +invoke earth skin 4x/day, earth power 2x/day and stoneskin 6x/day 30min reload time, works from inventory.
Orb of heat and flame +invoke fireball 3x/day, flame shield 2x/day and firebolt 6x/day, +sheds light Short description before identifying is Strange ruby orb <red glow>
Syntax: invoke <spell>
invoke <spell> at <target>
Orb of wind and rain +invoke drying wind / rain / lightning bolt / acid rain / hailstorm Hailstorm works for (full?) druids only, 30min reload time, works from inventory. Shortdesc before identify is strange white orb.
Pewter ring set with an amethyst invoke Instant fermentation 3x/day
Potion of longevity +little youth
Red ruby Gives +2% to all spells for ~24h Dests after use.
Redfang mask of the bear +10 Str, +10 Enhance criticals, +5 Throw weight The mask is indestructible.
Rod of life and death
Sanctuary Ring
Sleeping bag helps improve camping
Small crystal box Can be used to transport items as described.
Tall white puffy hat invoke Create food 3x/day
Tan backpack with many pockets
The Rod of Channeling A toy as described in the long description and 'rhelp'.
> rhelp
The Rod of Channeling help:
To create a channel type: channel <name>, where <name> can be
anything you like. To join a channel just type channel <name>
where <name> is the name of an existing channel (case matters).
To see which channel you are on type: channel.
To send a message to the channel type: emit <message>
If you don't write any message it will just show you who are on the
 channel fuu       - create/join channel 'fuu'
 channel           - shows your current channel
 emit hello there  - sends 'hello there' to the channel
 emit              - shows who is on the channel

To turn the channel off type: channel off.
You can be on only one channel at a time and to use these
channels you must possess the Rod.
The ancient rune of Gwelien 'invoke' it into Empyrean to gain it power and options.
The ancient rune of Kza-ze 'invoke' it into Empyrean to gain it power and options.
The gauntlets of the goat-demon +slightly str, +greatly slash
Thick black tome with a spider on the cover
Thick red tome with star of Tarmalen on the cover
Tome with thick wooden covers and steel clasp
Tummy of the frog of war Holds unlimited(?) amount of items without weight. Can't be chested tough. Worth 37 gold coins.
Water lily garland +divine hpr, +divine spell reincarnation
White leather wand case Store scrolls. Worth 500 gold coins. Unchestable.