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  1. A BatMUD moose
  2. A Camberian regards you suspiciously
  3. A Crazed Chicken is wandering around aimlessly
  4. A HUGE slimy lizardlike fiend growls and attacks you!
  5. A Plump Pig is lounging in the mud
  6. A bald eagle
  7. A big lump of mud with gleaming eyes
  8. A big shiny box for storing minerals (0/20)
  9. A black Harazam mage is here doing paper work
  10. A black Harazam mage is here doing some experiments with the soulstone
  11. A black Harazam mage is here studying some old scrolls
  12. A black Harazam mage is here trying to figure out the gateway
  13. A black candy wrapper
  14. A black fox hides on the bushes
  15. A black tower guard
  16. A bloated shape of a spider with many burning, red eyes
  17. A blood angel's cutlass
  18. A blood angel's great axe
  19. A blood angel's sabre
  20. A boy, riding on the back of a huge turtle
  21. A breeding urvile female is rustling around in the darkness
  22. A burning amulet
  23. A castle guard is shaking visibly here
  24. A cheerful robin, singing a song
  25. A chicken runs around here pecking at the ground
  26. A child stands here in glee
  27. A comical figure in all-khaki clothing
  28. A crazed master urvile frantically defends Lord Foul
  29. A crude spiked battle mace
  30. A cruel spear, the light's demise
  31. A crystal circle, shedding eerie red light
  32. A crystite sphere
  33. A cute little bunny rabbit hops around here
  34. A cute little lamb gnaws on some hay
  35. A cute little sheep hops around here
  36. A demon is trying to break the door
  37. A depressed looking satyr strolling back and forth
  38. A dreamcatcher staff
  39. A drop-dead woman
  40. A dull ring
  41. A dwarf guard standing guard
  42. A dwarven warrior is stomping through
  43. A fair-sized emerald disc
  44. A fairly large emerald disc
  45. A fashionable blue silk belt
  46. A fearsome harpy
  47. A ferocious griffon is hunting
  48. A fine looking pitch black scimitar
  49. A fish with no eyes swims quietly here
  50. A fluffy bunny hops around
  51. A forest sprite calling the earthworms
  52. A forest sprite tending the trees
  53. A ghaele, radiating goodness
  54. A giant centipede scuttles about furiously
  55. A giant spider, casting a very large shadow
  56. A gigantic blue wyrm (hasty)
  57. A gigantic brown wyrm (moshing)
  58. A gigantic crimson wyrm (hungry)
  59. A gigantic green wyrm (hungry)
  60. A gigantic red wyrm (angry)
  61. A gigantic silvery wyrm (endangered)
  62. A gigantic squid
  63. A glossy elfin chainmail made of mithril
  64. A gnarled urvile hates your guts
  65. A gnomish guard
  66. A gnomish tourist, looking for the palace
  67. A goat chews on some old rags
  68. A gold plated falchion 'Trasimene'
  69. A greater otyugh surveys the tunnel floor
  70. A green slimy Frogblade
  71. A grotesque mass, its internal organs still showing
  72. A grumpy old man sitting on the bearskin
  73. A hand rolled joint
  74. A handsome guardian watching the drawbridge
  75. A heavily armoured elf captain is here hunting the invaders
  76. A hideous muck beast
  77. A huge bastard dog is lying here
  78. A huge bird, the roc
  79. A huge black cloak
  80. A huge emerald disc
  81. A huge hulking earth elemental
  82. A huge petrified willow-tree stands here.
  83. A huge spider
  84. A huge towering cyclops tromps around
  85. A hulk mercenary with a huge horn in it's forehead (abomination)
  86. A human is trying to hide
  87. A large black stallion
  88. A large greenish tortoise
  89. A large grizzly bear growls at you
  90. A large mole is digging into the stone
  91. A large moose
  92. A large puma-like monster stands here.
  93. A large snake slithers here
  94. A large spider quietly spins his web here
  95. A large stone-coloured lizard sits here quietly.
  96. A large stone spider, looking just like a rock
  97. A lesser otyugh rummages the dirt
  98. A living statue of Zonni, made of the blackest onyx
  99. A long metal antenna
  100. A magic compass
  101. A magnificent silk tie (casual)
  102. A majestic looking mountain ram
  103. A marmot lies here sunning itself.
  104. A mature member of the Merfolks is swimming around
  105. A mechamagical golem pulling the mine cart around
  106. A medium brown bovine
  107. A medium sized purple snotling is eating some funguses
  108. A member of the Ghost Liberator Paladins stands here
  109. A mithril cuirass decorated with a spider signet
  110. A mystic urvile stirs his iron cauldron
  111. A nasty-looking troll, blocking the passages
  112. A nasty and territorial red dragon
  113. A new orb made of some smooth white material
  114. A not-so little girl with golden hair called Goldilocks
  115. A pair of bracers covered with frost
  116. A pair of fishbone bracelets
  117. A pair of silversilk gloves
  118. A pearly white gauntlet of liberation
  119. A planetar stands here majestically
  120. A poor leprechaun
  121. A potion of restore dexterity
  122. A potion of restore intelligence
  123. A potion of restore strength
  124. A pretty young savage woman studying with the old man
  125. A priest in a white robe
  126. A priestess in a blue robe
  127. A prison guard
  128. A rather peculiar looking salesman stands here, inside his cart
  129. A rectangular shield of a legionary
  130. A red dragon is not looking happy
  131. A rock tossing urvile scans the area
  132. A round combat shield with a metalspike
  133. A sad satyr is sitting here, occasionally playing a sad tune
  134. A satyr pondering something and peering around nervously
  135. A savage looking barbarian chieftain clad in furs
  136. A seagull circling above the square
  137. A selfish peasant of the overworld
  138. A servant shining shields here.
  139. A set of broken pieces from the staff of the Arch Mage
  140. A shifty-eyed peasant of the overworld
  141. A short cloak of feathers
  142. A silk belt with glowing buckle
  143. A silvery bark chip
  144. A sinister demon is here, hard at work
  145. A sizzling darksteel shield
  146. A skittish deer
  147. A sky-glass short sword
  148. A slimy amoeba
  149. A slimy bipedal lizard with sharp claws assaults you!
  150. A slimy kobold lurks here
  151. A small bat swoops around here
  152. A small blue scarf with a yellow stripe
  153. A small brass spade
  154. A small emerald disc
  155. A small jewelers box
  156. A small quartz prism
  157. A small remote control 'chest-o-matic'
  158. A small sized blue snotling is eating some funguses
  159. A small slime.
  160. A small white poodle is here
  161. A small wooden penny
  162. A spirit of earth is standing here.
  163. A standard-class short wooden staff
  164. A steel battle mace
  165. A stone golem stands here with his arms crossed.
  166. A strange bird-humanoid is standing here.
  167. A stupid looking war troll
  168. A sweating pirate trying to go through the forest
  169. A tacky workout bracelet
  170. A tall man dressed in a long black robe with red markings on it
  171. A tall white hat embroidered with a cross
  172. A tiny ant
  173. A tiny emerald disc
  174. A tiny gnome wearing a kilt, playing golf
  175. A tiny sized cyan snotling is eating some funguses
  176. A tower warrior of Tariel's forces
  177. A trumpet archon, preening his feathers
  178. A valar crusader in red religious vestments
  179. A very small emerald disc
  180. A very small sized red snotling stands here whining
  181. A vicious urvile slashes at you with its claws
  182. A warm-hearted peasant of the overworld
  183. A wild boar
  184. A wispy cloud resembling a frame
  185. A wolfman warrior is searching the tunnel
  186. A wounded dwarven merchant
  187. A young crocodile
  188. A young human guard is here watching you
  189. Abigail
  190. Ace Corra, boat carpenter
  191. Acne
  192. Adathon, the Paladin pilgrim from the Northern regiment
  193. Afraid of dark
  194. Agaddon the pink dragon
  195. Agile red imp
  196. Alaron the Elf (monster)
  197. Alduin the gnome man
  198. Alice the Merfolk marketwoman
  199. Amok, the way and the door.
  200. Amulet
  201. Amulet of sanguine paradise
  202. Amulet table
  203. An ANGRY archwizard is sitting here
  204. An Elf is making it's next profit.
  205. An aged guard
  206. An ancient kobold, hunched over
  207. An ancient urvile examines his treasures
  208. An angry-looking catfolk in a plaid dress
  209. An apprentice of the alchemist
  210. An astral deva, watching you carefully
  211. An earthworm crawling in the mud
  212. An electrified sky-glass short sword
  213. An engraved staff with peculiar handle
  214. An enormous cyclops looking at you hungrily
  215. An ethereal presence
  216. An iron golem standing in rigid attention
  217. An iron long spear
  218. An iron sleeve band of the duergars
  219. An old hag sitting on a metal bucket
  220. An old oracle
  221. An old satyr woman pondering something
  222. An urvile sits here on his disk
  223. Angry gorilla
  224. Angus Guyver the dwarven tinkerer
  225. Angus Young the merfolk smith
  226. Anlaf the gnome boy
  227. Anna, one of Dusan's secretaries
  228. Antaria, a holy no-dachi of angels
  229. Apleve, the emerald mage and lord of the rainbow mages
  230. Arch enemy
  231. Arkan the king of rats
  232. Arkavius the master of arcane magic
  233. Arm table
  234. Armour coverage
  235. Armourer (lawful)
  236. Art of war
  237. Asmo ring sculpture
  238. Auscus the Tun Mi Lung Typhoon Dragon
  239. Avada kedavra
  240. Baal
  241. Bag of holding
  242. Baldred the gnome boy
  243. Balloon ride
  244. Balthas
  245. Barsap the Royal Magician
  246. Beefcake! BEEFCAKE!
  247. Belt table
  248. Benjamin the strong merfolk smith
  249. Bertrand the gnome man
  250. Biceps of steel
  251. Big black stone axe
  252. Black leather belt and scabbard
  253. Black leggings of MADNESS
  254. Black opal
  255. Black pudding
  256. Black scaly gloves of MADNESS
  257. Black silk vest with tiger head ornament
  258. Blackblade
  259. Blacksmith (lawful)
  260. Bloodlines+
  261. Blue sapphire
  262. Blunt sword made from crystal
  263. Bob
  264. Bonanza+
  265. Brain fever
  266. Brellis the Librarian stands here, looking worried
  267. Broth, an old and wise dwarf
  268. Brownie post officer tracking down her prey
  269. Calanthe Garnet, a small girl in her best dress
  270. Capula
  271. Carl
  272. Cassandra
  273. Caster101 - how to get more mana
  274. Catfolk priestess is flexing her limbs here
  275. Cestufre the dream master, guardian of dreamworld, half-embedded in ice
  276. Character stats explained
  277. Cheap tin pendant with amethyst
  278. Chief's wife
  279. Chuckles
  280. Cityguard
  281. Cloak
  282. Cloth gorget, sturdy and green
  283. Codex
  284. Colin Robertson, the older son
  285. Comparetest
  286. Conan the gnome boy
  287. Condor
  288. Cooking
  289. Corrie Garnet, recently widowed fisherman's wife
  290. Cosmic orb of diversity
  291. Crystal necklace
  292. Crystite
  293. Cursed item
  294. Daneragel
  295. Darrol Half-plow the master miner
  296. Deck
  297. Decorated ivory dagger
  298. Demonic vision
  299. Desolathya continent quest
  300. Diamond inlaid mithril boots
  301. Diamond inlaid mithril pants
  302. Dice+
  303. Dirkling the leprechaun ghost with an anxious expression
  304. Divine Maul of Titans
  305. Dorothy
  306. Dpltest
  307. Dragonscale chainmail coated with gold
  308. Dulcia the gnome girl
  309. Durandium skull
  310. Durom
  311. Economic conjuration
  312. Economic exertion
  313. Eldar, the Paladin master of holy deeds
  314. Elden+
  315. Elemental
  316. Elemental king of air
  317. Elemental king of earth
  318. Elemental king of fire
  319. Elemental king of water
  320. Elf (creature)
  321. Elm
  322. Elven priestess is dancing before the dome
  323. Emerson Willis, the elderly boathouse guard
  324. Engraved turquoise bracers
  325. Enhanced damage
  326. Eq stat levels
  327. Eqset
  328. Essential HC features
  329. Eternal book of wisdom (shimmering)
  330. Etiquette
  331. Evil drift
  332. Example eqsets
  333. Fc+
  334. Fern the sprite clerk
  335. Fire Building
  336. Fire Builing
  337. Fishing+
  338. Flail with red and blue energy heads
  339. Flick, the thief
  340. Fool+
  341. Forest
  342. Form:Armour
  343. Frog of war
  344. Frough the old Bridge Troll
  345. Frozen Valley
  346. Fur-covered tome with GROO written on it
  347. Furnachia continent quest
  348. Garnet
  349. Garrkuk the Goblin Chief
  350. Gauntlet
  351. Gauntlets made of electrum
  352. Ghoran the Dour
  353. Giant metal club
  354. Gigantism
  355. Giraffe
  356. Glaive of piercing
  357. Glass globe of a snowfall scene
  358. Gleaming black plate mail armour
  359. Gleaming metal light crossbow
  360. Gleaming silver blade
  361. Gleaming silver dagger
  362. Gleaming silver wristbands
  363. Glimmering Belt of Elements
  364. Glittering crystal plate mail
  365. Glittering emerald longsword
  366. Glowing golden gauntlets
  367. Gnome apparatus
  368. Goerrean the Oriental fighter
  369. Golden trident
  370. Good drift
  371. Gork the Orcish Raider leans on his long iron spear
  372. Gorthor, the Paladin commander of the Central Alliance
  373. Grand sorcerer
  374. Green emerald
  375. Green scaled pentagram shield
  376. Greenhouse
  377. Grell, the dwarf, standing here by himself
  378. Grey crystal ring
  379. Grey vest with attachments
  380. Griffon
  381. Grokh, aged barbarian, caretaker
  382. Guilon is fishing and training recruits
  383. HC Wishlist
  384. HC wishlist
  385. Halo of purity
  386. Hcbat fix wishlist
  387. Hcbat guide
  388. Healing hands
  389. Heinapaa+
  390. Help
  391. Herman Peacock the oldest brother that is bald
  392. Herman von Huber is chained here
  393. Hide-armoured cavalier
  394. Highguard bastard sword
  395. Highguard chain mail
  396. Highly-polished short sword
  397. Highsteel plate armour
  398. Hockey mask of MADNESS
  399. Homeport
  400. Houses
  401. Hrolf
  402. Huge bronze spear
  403. Humanoid plant creature
  404. Hyperspecialist
  405. Icebreath the Great White Wyrm is defending her nest
  406. Improved avoidance
  407. Improved combat speed
  408. Improved mental regeneration
  409. Improved skills
  410. Intensified experience
  411. Ironman the golem flexes his muscles here
  412. Item value
  413. Jason
  414. Jehannum broods here, angry he has to stay within the Creche
  415. Jeremiah the hobbit shopkeeper
  416. Jim the butler of this castle is here
  417. Jimmy 'the legs' Murphy watching his cart burn
  418. John, the squire of Sir Amascous
  419. Junk+
  420. K'hon the greater lizardman is standing here
  421. Kabula+
  422. Karl
  423. Khantan the cult leader
  424. Kharim memories
  425. Kill list
  426. King Arthur, searching the Holy Grail
  427. King Elah of Maelstrom
  428. Kjarnell, the jailor, is not pleased that you have visited
  429. Knight of Darkness
  430. Knitted red stocking cap
  431. Kortax tasks
  432. Kyo
  433. Laen Cutlass of Malice
  434. Laenor continent quest
  435. Lag
  436. Large crystal scimitar
  437. Large golden tome
  438. Large red book with leather covers
  439. Large red shield
  440. Large tiger
  441. Large white shield
  442. Laughter+
  443. Lava
  444. Leecher
  445. Legendary Dagger of Slaying
  446. Legion+
  447. Life insurance
  448. Long, gnarled wood staff topped with a red crystal (flawed)
  449. Long distance runner
  450. Long grey hooded great cloak
  451. Loot system
  452. Lothlorien+
  453. Lovely Ariel sits here choking herself
  454. Lss+
  455. Lucentium continent quest
  456. Lucky horseshoe
  457. Lux Aeterna
  458. Luzanne the gnome girl
  459. Lynna Sands, a recently widowed rotund woman
  460. Lysergic is here mixing some strange chemicals
  461. MacCarthy the mystical leprechaun trickster (clad in green)
  462. Mace+
  463. Magical observation
  464. Magneeto hums with electricity
  465. Main Page
  466. Malady Axe
  467. Maroon gloves
  468. Marrow
  469. Master healer
  470. Material handling
  471. Matthew Merson, grey-haired and ancient man with a shrewd look in his eyes
  472. Maus+
  473. Max, the Gray magician
  474. Mcdemons+
  475. Mechanically enhanced iron crossbow
  476. Melcross
  477. Metal+
  478. Midas touch
  479. Milburn Whittle, member of the merchant company
  480. Mindbender
  481. Minus lowers the room temperature here
  482. Miscellaneous
  483. Mma+
  484. Moaning spectre of nun
  485. Monster (creature)
  486. Moominmamma the yellow mother moomin
  487. More constitution
  488. More dexterity
  489. More intelligence
  490. More strength
  491. Multicolored crystal
  492. Nasty looking sacrificial dagger
  493. Necklace of teeth
  494. Neekerit+
  495. Nightlife+
  496. Nun Elder requirements
  497. Nun guild info
  498. Nun rank list
  499. Object
  500. Oddly-curved wooden axe

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