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Areas on Laenor

Area Difficulty Description Size Coordinates
Abandoned Valley Can usually be explored safely by newbies who are not curious. 19
Arelium Varies a lot. Not very many aggressive mobs though, and even they are usually very small, so mostly safe for newbies to explore. The main city/"capital" of Laenor. There are many important places in Arelium, for example Mage, Civilized mage, Civilized fighters and Folklorist guilds are located there. Also the home for several notable NPCs, such as Saint Damogran and Origo, and several quests like Robbery in moonlight and Sewer ring.
Arelium dungeons
Asylum midbie 13
Batcity A cakewalk unless the explorer choses to attack the wandering monsters, nearly all of which can be handled one at a time by a low level character, but things can go wrong, horribly wrong. Monsters pop in groups but begin to wander after being visited by a player, trying to kill one monster in a group may entice another to join in. Some monsters in this area vary from easy to highly skilled; use consider. ~110 rooms plus 64 in the walls
Beastlands Newbie/lowbie area A cute area aimed at newbie/lowbie level players. A rather safe area, if you avoid annoying any "named" monsters/NPCs. Due to abundance of tiny, easily killable monsters, it has become popular among players of certain guilds, who are interested in readily available organs, souls, or other such things.
Bigeaul 12+++
Bunny valley Low 9 explore rooms and the valley with virtual map
Butterfly farm Small area, with activities available for newbies to midbies. 16+
Cathedral of Dr. Kilrathi The compound of Dr. Kilrathi, a fairly old area with some funny descs, eg. Jimmy Hoffa's.
Caverns of Undying Mostly highbie parties. Caverns of Undying was originally coded by Zoso and later expanded twice by Merri. It is almost solely filled with aggressive undeads and evil mobs, most of them being big enough to be a real danger for newbies, thus not recommended for beginners unless you have invisibility (for some parts) and quick fingers. It is home for a couple of ~1m-class mobs, including Moreod, the master vampire.
Circus Mostly a newbie-friendly area. Circus is Nalle's 2nd area. It is a quite newbie-friendly place that includes the area quest a day at the circus. It was recoded by Ggr in January 2013.
Conifer forest
Dark castle Newbie solo, new newbies might want to party for the Commander. Nalle's first area, home of the area quest Intrigue at dark castle.
Digga's Domain From solo to 9man A quite big area with few subareas, if you want to call them that. Digga's includes the city of Raven, a troll cave and a newbie pond area. Level quests 17 Platter, 51 Magic tower and 70 Silver battlesuit are in Digga's. The joining room for Barbarian guild is hidden in Digga's.
Druid guild Home of The Humble Druids.
Dunedain's mansion Mid- to high for parties, high for solo players. Next to nothing to kill for beginners.
Elven village Good exp for newbies to solo. Home of level quest 52: Return the amulet
Faerie forest
Forest of Legolas Smallest players might want to consider a party, lowbies+ should handle everything solo. One big monster (~100k). Area for AQ: The Quest of Legolas 49
Forest of moonrind A once peaceful forest lived the dryads, who are nowadays being pursued by some ugly intruders.
GUILD Runemage (east) May be explored without difficulty The scenic location GUILD Runemage (east) has an exit to the east entrance of the campus of the Runemage Guild, The Faculte of Runemagi. It is located in southwestern Laenor Many
GUILD Runemage (south) May be explored without difficulty The scenic location GUILD Runemage (south) has an exit to the south entrance of the campus of the Runemage Guild, The Faculte of Runemagi. It is located in northern Laenor Many
GUILD Runemage (west) May be explored by anyone Location of the The Faculte of Runemagi, the Runemage guild. quite a few rooms
Gnomish Airship The Gnomish Airship was created by Merri. It is the first of several related areas that he is planning and there will be a quest that runs through multiple areas. If you are over level 50 then you will take 400ish psi damage every once in a while. Kind of a soft level limit. Psi prot should soften this. This is a good newbie area for both cash and experience. The level you enter on is the 3rd floor of 5 total. The 3rd floor is suitable for newbie solo but soloing everything on the 3rd floor gets tough. There are tracks and secret doors. Don't expect to find anything other than the entry level without looking and don't expect exploration to be safe.
Goddess garden
Hunt Master's Trophy Cabin One room area with one monster, related to event Foxhunt. 1
Iron mine
Ivory Tower
Kender mansion
Land of Anarchy Deadly for solo newbie explorers
Lovely inn 17+
Mage guild Home of Brotherhood of Sorcery, also known as the mage guild.
Martial arts trainer (kobold) Easy explore monk trainer Laenor 3
Mesme Some newbie-ish stuff, but has rather nasty big eq-mobs, too.
Misty Forest Misty Forest is actually four different areas; amazon city, amazon graveyard, orc caves and alchemist tower. There is also another scenic location some southeast from the first one, a rabbit cave that also leads into the area. 67 + orc caves + alchemist tower
Mithil stonedown >40
Monthy python, quest for the holy grail Newbies may want to gather a party. Something for all above that. 59+
Mountain dwarves
Nasu Area Newbie Small and very old area, based on Winnie-the-Pooh books by A.A. Milne. Rooms have a description and there's a few NPCs, but nothing to 'look at'. Small, 21 rooms
Newberry Park Newbies, except for wardens. 26
Newbie Forest newbie solo 30-50
Newbie Mines
Newbie Mountain A vast newbie area (some 200 rooms, perhaps) with monsters from small critters up to few k big ones. Lovely place for getting explore exp.
Newbie Playground
Newbie zoo
Oakvale Midlevel parties or up. A village with various interesting inhabitants. Some of them may be bit trickier to kill than most basic npcs.
Ocp west The undead in OBC are moderately difficult. A small lowbie party can handle the Old Catacombs. Most rooms can be explored solo by a low level or weak character. Home of the notorious donut eating Zombie cops. 90 +
Old convent
Old oak forest newbie 17
Pleasantville easy Starting place for newbies. 20
Prospector's Shack One of the guild rooms of merchants, inhabited by Arska. 1
Revelstone >40
Runemages guild May be explored by anyone Locations of the The Faculte of Runemagi, the Runemage guild. quite a few rooms
School of Lumine
Secladin Newbie
Simon's hut
Slopes of Blackteeth mountains
Small meadow Everything between some monsters for solo newbies and extremely hard mobs for topend 9man parties. Seemingly small area with several secrets, and many insider-jokes. Contains several tributes to well-known current and past BatMUD players. Originally coded by Kyo, with some later enhancements by Darol.
Temple of Sarku 22
Temple of the winds newbie 15
Temple to the Winds easy Small area with small creeps. 19
The riddle of the colours
Tyr Farwyn town 59 + dungeons
Vendace shore Midbie solo or small party A fishery village on the shore of west Laenor. 50
Village of Stouby
Wibble village Solo newbies A small "oldschool" newbie area with coupla little secrets including top player list. One monster changes you easily into a frog so beware :) 23+
Wrebie forest easy Very newbie-ish area, though the castle part is recommended for partying newbies only. The area is divided to two parts, forest and castle. The parts show up differently in 'whereami' command, but the information here applies to the area as whole. 30
Zombie race shrine easy explore Race shrine of the zombie player race 2
Zoy's Inn Originally coded by Zoy, his inn includes the level quest 24 Zoy's inn.

Areas on Rothikgen

Area Difficulty Description Size Coordinates
Abandoned study This is a seemingly empty house, with vast network of tunnels underneath. Beware of traps!
Amberley mansion One of the areas involved in level quest 71, The ritual of sacrifice.
Anaconda Ruins Easy
Attic Newbie solo for basic area exploration Little castle on the other side of a bridge 14+
Barbarian guild Home of the Barbarian Guild.
Beaumont Hamel
Castle of Lord Drauron
Caverns of Chaos Caverns of Chaos is best known as the home of Lear and the Holy Battlegrounds of nuns. It is a fairly large area with lots of undeads and mostly evil monsters, Alysia probably being the only good aligned.
Dark Forest Based loosely on the novel "It", by Stephen King. ~40-50 rooms
Evil vale
Hell's dojo Nice exp place for smaller parties. Home of level quest 67: Help lady elberiel
Horn-Durath 41
Horsehead mountain Varies, but mostly very high as solo and mid- to high in parties. Dangerous area if you're not familiar with it, lots of nasty surprises. Newbies should probably stay away, unless they have a big party. A big area with lots of newbie/midbie equipment and midbie/highbie exp monsters. Horsehead includes the level quest 69, The horsehead mountain. Best known as the home of Inra.
Inn of the Four Winds
Katvil Village A smallish, quite newbie friendly area with some monsters worth killing for the cash or items. 43
Kharim guild The guild area of Kharims. The main training area is on the 10th floor, in The Hall of One Thousand Voices.
King Eowyn's Land Easy to moderate. Party recommended, unless you are a solo machine and know the area.
Lonely mountain 25+
Mirkhold easy to explore 27
Mushroom Hill A swampy area with lots of mushrooms causing stuns and hallucinations.
Necropolis High A dangerous subarea of Mirkhold, best known as the home of Moratar Cain. Big, high level party recommended. ~40
Norse village easy 13
Nun guild Home of the Sisters of Las.
Old Forest An Old Forest of willows, spirits of trees and Tom Bombadil.
Old copper mine Atleast the easier monsters can be soloed (mob xp range 1k - 50k). Newbies might want a party with them. Old copper mine is nice area which might hold some secrets. The home of puddings of other than black and brown colours. Home to AQ White Pudding. 6++
Old ladys shack Newbie solo. Part of savage coast quest. 1 rooms
Perilous Forest
Psionicists guild Home of the The Psionicists. Very small area with handfull of tough monsters and one shop.
Rendburg Home of the area quest Frozen valley.
Ruins of Unta'r Trinit Part of the savage coast areas on roth
Savage coast An entity of several areas around the LQ the savage coast surrounding Donaru, including Renardy.
Severus castle
Shadowkeep Shadowkeep is one of the five main cities, located in Rothikgen continent. Besides the infamous dungeons, Shadowkeep also is the home of the guilds of Bards and Shadow Sabres.
Smurville Newbie area, couple agro ones.
Snow Peaked Mountain Typical older area with no distinguishable consistent theme.
Snow devils Shortish exp place for new/midbie party. Also home of level quest 55: the mythical frostblade.
Village of Aldor Deras' first and only (as of September 2012) area. Home for the area quest Escape in the village.

Areas on Desolathya

Area Difficulty Description Size Coordinates
Ancient temple of Gods
Ancient tower 3-9man, quite a little to kill solo for any player, basically nothing for solo newbies. Ancient tower is known as the home of Kech Lektar. It also includes the AQ: Free the ghost of seyed fairlonge. 67
Brimshire mid- to highbie parties One of the areas involved in LQ71:the ritual of sacrifice.
Buckthorn valley 36+
Burning Village Smallest players might want to consider a party, lowbies+ should handle everything solo. A small lowbie area with some cash monsters. 26
Calythien One of the main cities.
Castle of Toxic easy
Caves of Orac
Dalesmen Newbie-midbie, all the monsters are soloable for midbies. ~74
Goblin farm Newbie 25 or more
Halls of the Dead
Hamlet of Windham >40
Häirikkö Forest A small goblin village of Ke'm'bele is a small newbie friendly area (with a level limit of 24 or so) that was originally made to be some kind of alternative for Digga's bunny section.
Midnight Carnival Nice area with some newbie-midbie friendly exp as well as midbie-lowbie friendly eqmonster.
Millie's nightmare Many more than 51
Mythical valley partied newbies >50
Red Tides village Almost nothing to kill for newbies, but no aggressive mobs either that you can run straight into. Midbies may want a party too. Home for the area quest Sweet dreams.
Ruins of El Deagnoh
Seabird inn
Seashore Tower
Snotling farm
Tarackia A lizard-infested homeplace for AQ free tarackia that is ruled by Tyranicus Karakurt. Recommended for midbie+ parties. Most of the monsters are instantly aggressive for nuns.
Temple of Magerathia Highbie party recommended Temple of Magerathia is a medium-sized area that includes LQ84: Inner sanctium of magerathia.
The land of Ochimo The land of Ochimo includes level quest 8: Statue. It is also essential for the level quest 73: Liberation.
Tiburcio's tower
Tinmen monastery Safe for newbies to explore if the dead are not disturbed. Midbie parties; top monster would be challenge for a highbie party. A determined newbie party could probably obtain some fishing gear. Some persistent tinmen found this abandoned monastery while on an expedition out of their shrine. Jaina's second area. 21
Unholy Cathedral
West wharf Easy explore for 9 rooms End of the pier.

Looking beyond the pier, the ocean stretches as far as the eye can see. People in fancy white jackets crowd the pier looking at an amazing ship docked at the rail. They gasp at the size of its sails, the largest of any ship here. A small plaque next to the gangway reads 'Reserved.'

Zorn Home of the Lost Treasures area quest.

Areas on Furnachia

Areas on Furnachia

Area Difficulty Description Size Coordinates}
Abandoned house The theme of the area has apparently something to do with H.P.Lovecrafts Cthulhu Mythos.
Abandoned village Home of AQ: Help loretta. Solve mystery of the abandoned village partially also takes place in here. 15+ tower
Ancona Manor
Atlantis (area) Moderate to hard. Not for newbies. Large party of midbies or highbies recommended for efficient workout.
Castle Brantis There are fairly many mobs in the area, almost solely evils and undeads, most of them fairly small to be killed solo or in a small party. ~100
Castle Firefox
Darkwood Newbies should probably stay away from the parts behind secrets. An old, partially incomplete area with some secrets and mobs up to ~60k. Notorious for some of its NPC's simple short descriptions, such as 'monster' and 'beast'. ~75
Domgroth's mansion
Drow tower
Elven outpost
Enchanted forest (area) from newbie solo to midbie party Small area with some connection to Kutanakor and Digga's Domain. 51
Flying Citadel
Forest of the moon Area is probably best known as a highbie exp area. It also includes an area quest, Free Filonious.
Furnachia fort (south) Easy explore Small fort.

This is the center of a fort nearing completion. Thick stone walls surround the area on all sides, and the battlements at the top are almost finished. Several small buildings are built up against the walls, and there are some wooden frameworks in the middle, skeletons of buildings to come. A tall, steel flagpole right in the center flies the banner of Arelium, and under that, the banner of Rilynt'tar.

Jungle Cave
Ndoki Home of LQ81: Ndoki forest. >50
Necromancer's swamp While there are no aggressive monsters in the beginning, newbies will want some help to complete the area. A small area, includes the area quest Necromancer's dream.
Nocilis Valley Best known as home of Tiamat. The area quest, Treasuries of the Nocilis valley is surprisingly located here.
Old fort
Orc Samurai solo/small party 82+
Orthanc 6
Perin's For smaller players a party is recommended, except for mole section. Perin's is a huge area, holding several subareas with lots of monsters to kill for players of all sizes. It is the home for the feared demon queen of spiders, Llyth. Perin's also includes LQ:28 robes of time and an area quest, shrouds of darkness.
Plakhstan Newbies should be careful, there are some aggressive monsters and other nasty surprises. A hobgoblin-infested area. Includes a small, unofficial quest. 19 or more
Reaver's catacombs
Rillion's castle
Rilynt'tar One of the main cities, accessible from main city portals. One of the entrances to the Drow Tower resides inside the city.
Secret jungle
Spider maze Home of the spider guild. Couple dozen or so.
Steaming caverns
Temple of Aljerak Area made specifically for Blitzkrieg event held on Halloween 2011. It also holds a special arena where players can test their endurance against a series of monster, and gain bonuses if in top three. 28+
Temple of the twisted prophecies Temple of the Twisted Prophecies is an area that is a home of the legendary maze master, Yaboz. Before item value conversion during summer 2006 it was also famous for its armada of orc novices and priests wearing silk robes, worth 3000 gold a piece.
Tower of Corabandor Highbie parties. Corabandor is a somewhat small, but hellish highbie area consisting mostly of large undeads. Strong 9 man party recommended. One of the least known area quests in the game, Save ozymandius, is located there. Rumours are that in the past, one was able to connect this area with another one.
Trilloch's zoo Trilloch's personal zoo, coded by Shinarae.
Under Volcano Newbies might want to gather a party for the golem. A small, four room area with one NPC. 4
Volcano 26
Zonni's swamps Hard. Experienced parties recommended. The infamous home of Burglefloogah and LQ65 Rescue lady. Not very newbie friendly place.

Areas on Lucentium

Area Difficulty Description Size Coordinates}
A Tale of Two Towers Midbie solo. Midbie to Highbie party for Questing. Adventurers of BatMUD,

In the forests of Lucentium, there is an old realm. This realm is the home to the Brackenbog Gnomes and the K'ar D'athu Dwarves and has forever been under the shadow of the Black and White towers. While these factions are seemingly always in disagreement, there is a greater enemy at their doorstep.

The Black Wizard Vebahn and the Black Tower's Servants have drawn the attention of Morrigaine the White in a most unfavorable way. The Black tower has been rumored dabbling in summonings from Dark Planes unknown to the realm of BatMUD. Morrigaine the White Wizard, protector of the realm has a sworn duty to ensure safety and peace.. but the White Tower is in need of assistance. Adventurers, will you respond to the White Tower's call for help? Prove yourself by first gaining entrance to the White Tower. Only then will you gain the trust of Morrigaine.


40+ rooms (probably a lot more)
Anthill Newbie parties or solo midbies.
Beanstalk "You are standing at the top of the beanstalk and feel dizzy as you look down to the ground. Everything down there is so tiny you can't distinguish the differences between things." <20
Brotherhood of Sorcery (area) Something for almost all levels, although it can get dangerous pretty fast for very small players if you stick your nose into places where it doesn't belong... not that there's much to kill for newcomers in the first place though, just a couple of really small mobs here. Mid- to high-level players can often be seen doing exp here, and highbies shouldn't have much problems on any monster on this area, given that they have some sort of party and hands. Brotherhood of Sorcery is an area located in Lucentium. On the old map before The Ages of Exiles it was among other things a part of a cash run together with Temple of the Twisted Prophecies. It's the home of the infamous Demilich Ogaitnas Iuqnarf, lords Law and Chaos among other mid-level monsters that occupy the elemental plane of the area, and a bunch of smaller mobs.

Commonly also known by the name "adachain", as one has to climb an adamantium chain to reach the island where the Brotherhood of Sorcery lies.

Dozens, probably under 100 though
Catfolk tree most rooms can be explored by a newbie with moderate skills, most monsters can be handled by a newbie party. The racist catfolk may attack on sight if the character is not a catfolk, but it can be evaded by most players or killed by a small newbie party. The catfolk tree is actually a village that consists of six trees and bridges connecting them. As well as other Shinarae's areas it includes nice amount of little details and secrets.
Clouds above Lor Home of the feared elementalist Rechendak, as well as area quest Elementalist. Definitely not a newbie place.
Creepy house 50+
Door to the Past High level party recommended.
Fraggle Village Newbie / Lowby A village of fraggles for level 50 and under characters. No explore here. ~20
Great Central Desert
Iron gate An area behind a big heavy locked iron gate in the side of the mountains.
Land of the Overworld
Lands of Lor
Lanzia Quite big area located north from Lorenchia. Has few subareas and is home for LQ83: tides of war.
Lorenchia Lorenchia is one of the five capitals.
Marble-sanded beach
Mirror Mine Not newbie, still tbd... Mirror Mine is an area on Lucentium. There is a quest here. The area is split up into three different areas, a gnome area, a hobbit area, and a dwarven area each with its own cave. 38+
Obelisk A huge black obelisk that cannot possibly have been built by man. The walls absorb light and the entire place seems to radiate with strong magical force. 19
Oystria Medium, some mobs midbie-soloable, some require or at least benefit from having a party. Underwater city inhabited by crab-people. Only accessible via a ship.
Public gardens Newbie solo. An area full of small monsters with juicy organs. Each room has also herbs growing in them. 45 rooms
Pyramid Definitely not for newbies. Bigger midbie parties (6-9 man), or highbies (3-9). Nerves of steel recommended for some of the opponents, and carefulness due to the nasty traps. A generally nasty place, filled mostly with undeads of varied sizes and difficulty. There are also traps, and many of the nasties block and track. There are two major eq monsters, Medusa and Z'ragore, though the latter currently (as of August 2011) has no eq. Several smaller mobs also have stat items, though much less interesting ones.
Ruins of Astacia Aimed for high level parties, very hard area if you don't know what you're doing; newcomers without knowledge will die. Virtually nothing to kill for any newbies, not solo nor in party. Powerful highbies who are familiar with the area might have something to solo though. Mardus' first and only own area (as of December 2012). Perhaps best known as the home of Plague monk, which can randomly wear a very popular mage/psi legging. Area quest Rise of the verminkin is also located here. At least several dozens. Only two are accessible if you don't know how to proceed.
Satyr forest Small area full of satyrs and pirates around 50
Silver lake Silver Lake has a hodgepodge of shops which offer a wide variety of special ship related upgrades. Located in the realm of Lucentium, Silver Lake is unreachable except by ships. Swimmers are barred entrance due to the forcefield which surrounds it. Be careful to sail fully into the dock, otherwise you might jump into the forcefield when disembarking and be painfully banished, rendering you unable to reach your ship.

The shops in Silver Lake vary both in how often they are open and in their prices. All of them have a base price for their goods, but what they are willing to sell for on a particular day depends on a number of factors. The shop you should probably watch out for is the forge shop, since prices there can vary from the base of 50k to over 100k. You must dock your ship for the shopkeepers to be able to add in most of the features they sell.

The city of Stagira Small area (80 rooms) that has two subareas, having lots of aggro birds, about half of them undead. If you use hostile spells or skills against any of the guards or quest monsters, they will all become aggressive towards you. Stagira is also home of the level quest 46: return the chest. 80
The realm of Kara-Tur At least a midbie party recommended, pretty much nothing to kill here for beginners. Main scene for LQ73: Liberation
Trilloch's Tower Trilloch's Tower. The area's first room also includes beginning for two difficult level quests.
Valley of the Kings Varies greatly depending on section. Biggest area in game, holds hundreds of rooms in numerous subareas and is home for LQ88: The valley of the kings. well over 100 rooms
Village of Shrea An amalgamate of three connected areas, mostly aimed at newbie/lowbie level players.
Wildspace A group of sub-areas connected by "maze" of magical space, where weird mineral deposits can be found.